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By Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon takes his thought from forty two of the funniest, wisest, and quirkiest quotations in regards to the significant questions in existence, and makes use of those as beginning issues for his superb observations. In each one bankruptcy he explains what the best thinkers of all time have needed to say on matters similar to everlasting existence, paintings, love and intercourse, and the character of happiness; he attracts his personal conclusions, and may galvanize you to imagine deeply your self!

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To say it is painstaking is like saying snails are slow. The result is exquisite. The colour, precision, unity and complexity of the geometric forms are as wonderfully constructed as the tesserae of a Moorish floor or the knots of a Persian carpet. The brilliance of her art is that the infinite nature of the divine, the reason for the Islamic love of intricate, repeated patterns, is represented in the very fabric of her work and in the infinite care of her labour. The madness of making the mosaics from paper cuttings captures something utterly remarkable.

Fourth are needs to do with esteem, both in the sense of acceptance and status. Without such esteem, people rapidly become despondent; a chronic lack can lead to death almost as surely as being starved of air. At the apex of the pyramid, on the fifth level, is self-actualisation. This differs from the other needs, in that it can never be completely fulfilled, for it is always possible for human beings to imagine more that they might create or achieve. qxp 11/14/2007 12:28 PM 46 Page 46 42: Deep Thought on Life argues that an individual’s greatest potential is achieved by transcending their own narrow existence altogether: The true meaning of life is to be found in the world rather than within people or their psyche, as though it were a closed system ...

However, another thought might steel us to living without the crayon. This thought is a distinction that leads to a transformation of Thomas Gray’s line. The distinction is the difference between pigignorance and wise ignorance. Pig-ignorance is the blindness of the crazed, deluded or wilfully stubborn. Their stupidity may sustain a happiness of sorts but it is a shallow and unstable happiness, often turning into the things the Enlightenment optimists so rightly loathed – injustice, prejudice, false belief and their like.

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