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This he did during the afternoon; he showed me his draft “by-laws” at a party in the evening. I agreed that it would be “ok” with the University of Chicago — a strange agreement between two persons neither of whom had any authority. The final agreement which is now on the books is essentially the one to which Lyman and I had arrived at this meeting; and how it came to be is a different story. We left for India on February 1, 1951. (In England, I was formally admitted to the Royal Society by Lord Adrian.

And since at this time I was disappointed with the status of the subject, I gave a colloquium, moderately “frivolous” and cutting cruel jokes about the “superstitions” of the subject and the prevalent complacency in spite of the lack of any really rational theory. Martin Schwarzschild who was present at this colloquium was clearly irritated by my frivolity; and at the end of the talk, he told me on our way back to Prospect Avenue that he did not like my frivolity; and in any event what was I going to do about it!

F Ken Watson and Murph Goldberger were behind this. My clearance came through a week before I was to go to Mexico. At the conference I was to present Fermi’s ideas on cosmic rays. January 5, 2011 11:30 38 Winter 1956 Spring 1956 Reprint volume: A Scientific Autobiography ... A Scientific Autobiography: S. Chandrasekhar Left to myself, I should have exploited the new results. But the continued interference and meddling by Backus was a constant irritant. He would hear something either from me or from Kevin and would immediately start working on it himself.

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