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By H. H. Hurt, Jr.

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Recovery from stall involves a very simple concept. Since stall is precipitated by an excessive angle of attack, the angle of attack must be dccmmd. This is a fundamental principle which is common to any airplane. An airplane may be designed to be “stallproof” simply by reducing the effectiveness of the elevators. If the elevators are not powerful enough to hold the airplane to high angles of attack, the airplane cannot be stalled in any condition of flight. Such a requirement for a tactical military airplane would seriously reduce performance.

The section lift coe&icient, c,, is plotted versus section angle of attack, olO,for five standard NACA airfoil profiles. One characteristic feature of all airfoil sections is that the slope of the various lift curves is essentially the same. 1 for each degree increase in angle of attack. 5O Note that for the conditions of steady flight, each airspeed requites a specific angle of attack and lift coefficient. This fact provides a fundamental concept of flying technique: Angle of attack is tbs primary Controlof airspeedin steady flight.

The relative velocity and pressure distribution will be determined by the shape of the airfoil and the angle to the airstream. 9. If the same airfoil shape is placed at the same angle to an airstream with twice as great a dynamic pressure the magnitude of the pressure distribution will be twice as great but the r&rive shape of the pressure distribution will be the same. With twice as great a pressure existing over the surface, all aerodynamic forces and moments will ~double. If a half-size airfoil ib placed at the same angle to the original airstream, the magnitude of the pressure distribution is the same as the origina!

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