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By H. Rider Haggard

In King Solomon's Mines, Haggard introduces the reader to Allan Quatermain, now probably the most recognized literary experience characters. moment within the sequence, this booklet, Allan Quatermain, maintains the tale of this bold guy and chronicles in first individual (and via correspondence from a few of his fictitious partners) his adventures in Africa. regarded as one of many fictional characters upon which one other such individual, Indiana Jones, relies, Quatermain is however a humble guy. by means of his personal definition, he's an ". . . 'Adventurer' -- he that is going out to satisfy no matter what may perhaps come. good, that's what all of us do on this planet a technique or one other . . ."

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Open the door, white man; open the door! ' Thus cried the voice. Umslopogaas ran to the wall, and, reaching with his long arms to the coping, lifted his head above it and gazed over. 'I see but one man,' he said. ' 'Open the door,' I said. 'Umslopogaas, take thine axe and stand thereby. Let one man pass. ' The door was unbarred. In the shadow of the wall stood Umslopogaas, his axe raised above his head to strike. Just then the moon came out. There was a moment's pause, and then in stalked a Masai Elmoran, clad in the full war panoply that I have already described, but bearing a large basket in his hand.

The headman took him away, but the poor man had the itch so badly that the headman's wife would not have him in the hut for fear of catching it, so he was given a blanket and told to sleep outside. As it happened, we had a lion hanging about here just then, and most unhappily he winded this unfortunate wanderer, and, springing on him, bit his head almost off without the people in the hut knowing anything about it, and there was an end of him and his story about the white people; and whether or no there is any truth in it is more than I can tell you.

We were standing opposite the hall door, and there was a light in it so that I could see. He snatched the head up by the hair and held it against the light. 'It is the head of one of the men who accompanied Flossie,' he said with a gasp. ' We all stood and stared at each other aghast. What was to be done? ' The door was unlocked, and in sped a terrified man. He was one of the spies who had been sent out. 'My father,' he cried, 'the Masai are on us! A great body of them have passed round the hill and are moving towards the old stone kraal down by the little stream.

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