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For to anj case he did not expect that any of the enemJ woold dare to Ibrce a waj throogb the gaoa be t w een the elephants, oertaiolj not on horMMOt, ainee the horMS would take frifht, and stiU lees feot-soldieri, who would be kept back by the heavy armed troops In front and then wookl be trampled down by uie elephants tornini^ itpon them. Beelephants were st ationed the lootthe same front at the eWphanU, bnl that the columni Intervals left by the : at all points tenify y loot^oldlers, stretahli elephants , even bcqrond the line flank of the infantry the In front of the cavalry the was postedt and on both sides.

Piyti hk K€\riri09 Mfp§s, far Ar tfara^ri^ TO rrrayfUvw xt^plov mcX itntMa ^Iff xaBU* rai wXiyfiara ix Xirpnt wvpapou^wXiipti lJ0m9 MM oM M» ^ JM ^ ^ r^m ^ KrtfW. WjpMT A. n ASABASIS OF ALEXANDEB, V. 6. 8-7. 3 be aD I hftve to mj abovi India ; the rest be p«t eiide fer nj IndleB Hirtorj, VIL At fer tbe BetiMid by the Mrtbon wboan I ekieiy H; MreMiIoiTMlfflMke vMtMV hM peseipi wee bfli|^eil by boeti»* ee tae HBliport by Xereee ead tbe Betpetm d kHf by Deieiw,* er vbetbcr e eealhMnee brW%e wee baOl — •erom the itrfeei the bfld^hv I ea iselteed to the Idee tbet fffvev ^ ^ "^ ^ ^^^t >*iM ^^P^ ^^ edHtt ev e svUHMf sef eevu ee rfc bete been eei^pleted fai to mile Agete, If the tlreeM wee bH4ged with te wcte HHhed toigethef by fPDWB ttoC te eider ead eo imMd the bridge, ef HeieeraeMM eeye thel the post wee bridged ; or In the wey In which the bridge li OMide on the bter, ead ea the Cehie end hi whkh they bridged the Bephfell —dT%rie, ee eilen ee they were obeiged te do eo-^'^Ue too I eennol eey.

Meanwhile all Alexander's cavalry having become concentrated into one body—HM>t 1^ Older, but forced into tnlB conccntratfcm In the comic of the battle itself—wherever It feQ open the Indian ranks, they were broken up with much slaughter.

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