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I'm a Polarity scholar so this publication used to be a an exceptional addition to my library. The illustrations are terrific, very distinct and transparent. The publication arrived in ideal and in a well timed demeanour.

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Between the two surfaces is a fibrocartilage disc which attaches to the articular surfaces. The entire structure is covered by a fibrous cuff, reinforced by four ligaments: anterior, posterior, superior, and inferior. This is a joint with very little mobility. Only small gliding, compression, and twisting movements ate possible here. During childbirth, the joint loosens so that the pelvis can open up further. 47 THE TRUNK The shape and proportions of the pelvis vary considerably in normal individuals.

Contact the two superior articular facets of the bottom vertebra. These facets are small, and serve mainly to guide movements. They are covered with cartilage and held together by a capsule and a number of small ligaments (see p. 39). In cross section, we can see that the disc contains two distinct types of material: The peripheral area, called the annulus fibrosus, is composed of concentric rings of fibrocartilage arranged like the layers of an onion. The central nucleus pulposus is made of a gelatinous substance.

The auricular surface of the sacrum is slightly concave. especially and the two ilia, in the lower called nutation portion. and counternutation. In nutation, the sacral base tilts anteroinferiorly, In one type of movement, which we shall call "adduction" of the pelvis, the sacrum goes into nutation, .. and the sacral apex the iliac "wings" tilts postefosuperiorly. and the ischial tuberosities move laterally. Thus, the sacral promontory moves toward the pubis, and the sacral apex moves away from the pubis, In summary: during adduction, the diameter of the ..

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