Download e-book for iPad: Anatomy Recall by Christopher Moore MD, Lorne H. Blackbourne MD FACS

By Christopher Moore MD, Lorne H. Blackbourne MD FACS

Anatomy bear in mind, moment Edition is a concise, cheap, pocket-sized overview of the basics of human anatomy. As a part of the preferred Recall Series, it makes use of a two-column, question-and-answer layout that allows speedy studying of human anatomic proof via repetition.

While no longer meant as a complete anatomy reference, Anatomy Recall highlights an important anatomic ideas, that are complemented via a wealth of illustrations and anatomic correlations to scientific difficulties. it's an excellent examine advisor for clinical scholars of their pre-clinical coursework, undergraduate or nursing anatomy research, medical rotations, and board review.

New to this Edition:

  • Updated by means of professional authors, together with anatomists, clinical scholars, and surgeons
  • Expanded insurance now contains embryology highlights, summarizing the most important anatomic rules of human embryology
  • Clinical Pearls emphasize very important scientific correlations to anatomic principles
  • Surgical Anatomy Pearls support 3rd- and fourth-year scientific scholars to arrange speedy for the commonest intraoperative anatomy questions
  • Power assessment sections aid concentration last-minute overview of the main regularly demonstrated anatomy points
  • Numerous potent illustrations permit correlation of genuine info with key anatomical relationships

Anatomy remember, moment Edition has every thing you wish for quick studying and recall—and not anything you do not. you will not discover a higher, extra effective or potent method to grasp the fundamentals of anatomy.

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