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By Jennifer Wright Knust, Zsuzsanna Varhelyi

Analyzing the varied spiritual texts and practices of the past due Hellenistic and Roman classes, this selection of essays investigates the numerous meanings and capabilities of formality sacrifice within the historical international. The essays survey sacrificial acts, historic theories, and literary in addition to inventive depictions of sacrifice, exhibiting that any try and determine a unmarried underlying importance of sacrifice is futile. Sacrifice can't be outlined purely as a primal expression of violence, regardless of the common equation of sacrifice to faith and sacrifice to violence in lots of smooth scholarly works; neither is it adequate to argue that each one sacrifice will be defined through guilt, via the necessity to organize and distribute animal flesh, or via the communal functionality of either the sacrificial ritual and the meal. because the authors of those essays reveal, sacrifice might be invested with all of those meanings, or none of them. The killing of the animal, for instance, may perhaps ensue offstage instead of in sight, and the sensible, daily regimen of plant and animal choices could have been invested with which means, too. but sacrificial acts, or discourses approximately those acts, did provide a massive web site of contestation for plenty of historical writers, even if the religions they have been protecting not participated in sacrifice. Negotiations over the that means of sacrifice remained important to the aggressive machinations of the literate elite, and their refined theological arguments didn't lots undermine sacrificial perform as proceed to imagine its crucial validity. old Mediterranean Sacrifice deals new perception into the connections and alterations one of the Greek and Roman, Jewish and Christian religions.

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