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By Gyatrul Rinpoche

During this ebook, 3 conventional texts on Dream Yoga, Meditation, and Transformation are awarded and commented on by means of Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche "for their relevance to the modern day non secular aspirant who needs to mix and stability caliber perform time, paintings time and relaxation time during a hectic day." The observation is "specially adapted to the wishes of Western students."

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It should be understood that, if someone is not on the spiritual path, then in a sense this teaching is Transformation 33 irrelevant and somewhat useless. This teaching is meant for someone who is really practicing. Not only is it meant for such people, but also it is extremely important and indispensable as a tool to use through­ out the many experiences on the path. Whenever you are afflicted by another being or by anything at all, if you habituate your mind to dwell­ ing on suffering only, then even the most insignifi­ cant, tiny circumstance will bring forth great distress.

But there are those individuals who, by the power of their past prayers and aspirations, karmic causes and results, may go straight to vajrayana or to mahayana, who 58 Ancient Wisdom may not need to go through the graduated stages of development. People are on different levels. We all have different sensibilities and are all not going to be the same. You shouldn't try to categorize yourselves. You should check up on your own capacities and be instructed to train accordingly. In between meditation sessions, you should make regular prayers to your spiritual teacher and to the Three Jewels so that adversity will arise as the spiri­ tual path.

If there were nothing that you could do with bad news but suffer, then that would be one thing; but you now have all these methods through which to make the most of the opportunity. The time has come to employ the methods. If at first something seems as though it may be harmful, if you can turn from aversion and open yourself to its potency to become the path, your strength on the path will surely increase. In order for all this to happen, you simply have to stop seeing circumstances as harmful situations or as something that is wrong.

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